本公司“成業貿易” 將無法使用的電子零件,電腦設備,硬盤和可移動存儲設備作出全面電子回收和處理服務。


  • 為你們需棄置的電子設備提供先進的,可靠的和適當的解決方案
  • 從我們客戶手上作出最大量的一次性回收
  • 回收再造,利用現有的資源,以盡量減少對環境的破壞







Our Company

‘Success Trading’ undertakes full recycling and disposal services for unwanted and unusable hardware / computer together with Data Destruction to hard drive and removable storage devices.
We commit to our clients to provide quality products and services through advanced technology, allowing our clients to fully enjoy a quality life.

Our corporate mission is threefold:

  • Provide advanced, reliable and appropriate solutions for any unwanted goods
  • Maximize the return from our clients’ disposable items
  • Recycle existing resources to minimize environmental damage

About Us

We export the usable second-hand computers to other less developed countries, i.e. Thailand, Philippines and Malaysia, which is comply with regulations.

However, we still strive to create the highest possible value for any unusable disposed goods to the world. Currently neither Hong Kong nor China are equipped with the most advanced technology on recycling the components like, motherboard / printed circuit board (PCB) at no adverse effect to environment when recycling. We, therefore work very closely with one of the most reputable recycling companies in Japan.
After we carefully dismantling and sorting varies of components from each of unusable computers, then most importantly, with use of high level of expertism and technology equipments, to extract substances that legacy to the mankind. Throughout the process of recycling, it achieves the highest objective but causing absolutely NO environmental damage as consequence.

In conclusion, for any quality or quantity of component that we received from you, even it as small as a screw or a nail, we will Re-cycle, Re-use and Re-regenerate to its highest value of it could be.


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